The Third Place for Saigon

Entrusting the future with the gift of heritage 


With the aspiration to build a welcoming space that fosters communal conversations and sustains this city’s cherished tangible heritage and intangible values, Nam Thi House is a cultural haven for all to cross paths, to dwell in, to return to. Your presence will gradually transform Nam Thi House from a place to a home.

In The Great Good Place, sociologist Ray Oldenburg describes three essential realms in each person’s life:

First places are homes, where intimate memories and family life take root.

Second places are schools and workplaces, where one can learn, become competent and grow one’s ambitions.  

Third places like Nam Thi House are essential in vibrant communities. These are places “where unrelated people relate”, where one can encounter like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, build meaningful relationships.


Nam Thi House is where…

Thoughtful and engaging cultural happenings take place.

Saigonese values are preserved and entrusted to the next generation;

Lifelong learning is unearthed and encouraged;

Serene moments of relaxation and reflection is nurtured;

The humble act of reading brings immeasurable joy for all ages;

The awareness that we are one and united in our differences is upheld;

Precious memories between parents and children, between friends and like-minded souls, are continuously forged.


We believe that …

Every serendipitous encounter is meaningful.

Every good conversation is valuable.

Every book is part of Mankind’s quest for knowledge.

Every contemplation brings one closer to an inclusive understanding.

Every opportunity to share and participate reminds us that we are a unique piece in a mosaic community.


The Lighthouse The Lighthouse

for solitary voyagers


A temporary shelter from the dizzying currents of urban Saigonese life, a suspended moment of tranquility for those who seek beauty and strength in the written word, in literature and in cultural discussions.

The Nest The Nest

for fledgling creators


A bright, spirited and safe space, the Nest celebrates the process of creating personalized handcrafted objects, awakening a world of imagination for children and those who once were children.

The Prism The Prism

for soulful wanderers


This is where art displays and interactive exhibitions are conceived as therapeutic experiences, promising colorful stories, hidden beauty, and food for thought to each visit.

The Shade The Shade

for nurturing idealists


This charming garden is the ideal gathering space for Nam Thi House, where diverse activities, ranging from music nights to outdoor exhibitions, take place.